Monday, June 29, 2015

This would be me...

waiting to see what will happen next

Because we've been looking pretty seriously at new houses.
 Here's a peek at another one we all really like.

Praying for God's will!  But this one fills all the wish list specs: 1) nice and big, but not too big; 2) has a great room concept; 3) a nice big kitchen with a gas stove (we hate electric!); 4) lots of natural light; 5) big fireplace; 6) tons of storage; 7) big two car garage; 8) awesome two-story barn; 9) plenty of mature shade trees, fruit trees, mulberries, asparagus patch, rhubarb, etc.; 10) tons of birds and wildlife (within a five minute drive down the road the other day, we saw a deer, a weasel, a hawk, an oriole, a red-headed woodpecker, and a grey fox!); 11) lovely pasture area for livestock; 12) woods and a creek to fish in right across the street; 13) on 11 acres, with no neighbors in the armpit (more like one at its elbow and a couple others somewhere in the edge of its periphery vision); 14) within a half hour of both church and Dan's job; 15) less than 10 minutes from the grocery store, Hancock's Fabrics, and a really cool little diner with $1 soft serve ice cream cones.... All just within our price range.  (How'd that happen?)

Not taking anything for granted here, mind you -- and will be satisfied with whatever God has in mind, but I won't lie to you -- I'm already scrolling through my mental paint chips for wall colors in this house...  Deus vult, though.  We're praying on it.  (Very ready to be our own landords again, folks!)


Cathy Keller said...

The asparagus patch has sold me...Praying that Providence will be your guide! Have a grand day!

Lisa said...

I know, huh, Cathy! I did a double-take when they told us there was an asparagus patch! How cool would that be?

Soutenus said...

So beautiful!
We are offering up prayers for you, too!