Saturday, June 27, 2015

Catching Up: The Wedding

Just before the happy couple's reception of Holy Communion at the solemn high
nuptial Mass, officiated by long-time family friend (adopted son), Fr. Carlos Borja,
 and assisted by Ben and Michelle's parish priest, Fr. Dominic Radecki and
long-time family friend, Rev. Mr. Timothy Geckle.
It's been two weeks since Michelle Davis, our first daughter, became Michelle Landsgaard.  Two weeks since she and Ben received the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.  Two weeks since the amazing party we enjoyed afterward. Two weeks to talk about it all -- to rehash and remember the beauty, the blessings, and the fun.  And two weeks to catch up on sleep...

And now I think the last bubbles of romance have finally drifted away. Things are getting back to normal after all the weeks of preparation and anticipation.  The glue guns are put away, the leftover tulle is rolled up and stored, the squares on the calendar are beautifully clean and clear.  {Deep cleansing breath} Wow, I'm glad it's all over. Weddings are a LOT of work!  But it was all so wonderful.  So blessed in every way.  We've been so blessed.

We know that Michelle is safe with Ben; he'll take good care of her, body and soul.  His wonderful, great, big, Catholic family is warm and supportive; they accepted Michelle as a sister long ago.  She is close to the priest and the parish in her new home in California and stays close to her own family in heart -- and by texting. (Anyone who really hates cell phones never had a daughter move half way across the country!)

Scattered throughout her new little home are all the gifts of love from friends and family to welcome her and make her new role as wife and homemaker easy and beautiful.  The statue of the Blessed Mother from her childhood, refurbished by her big brother, Frater Philip, and presented to Ben and Michelle with love from the whole family, stands over the new couple in their new life together, symbolic of her real presence in their hearts and home. The beautiful crucifix Frater made his sister also blesses their new home, as all our prayers will always accompany them.

At the wedding and reception, we were surrounded by our loving family and lifelong friends -- Michelle's friends and Ben's, too -- all wholesome, all good practicing Catholics, and all a barrel full of fun! This young couple is particularly surrounded by love and support.  The air was thick with it at the wedding; I could scarcely breathe it so filled my heart.

I'm not worried at all about our little girl.  She's in good hands all around.

But I sure do miss her.

(Trying to figure out how long it'll take me to save some money to fly out and see you, Shelly-boo.  I love you!  I love you both!)


Kevvy said...

I talked to her a few days ago and asked her "so, how's married life?" She answered with something like..."It's the bomb, chocolate milk and foot rubs and we are going camping this weekend!".

Haha....still same old Chicky.

Cathy Keller said...

Know how you feel. God bless!!