Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Do You Know Jack?

Here's Jack

Jack the Haystack guards the door
As he's done for twenty autumns or more.
He's an amiable, good natured scarecrow,
But he naps most all of the time... ergo...
Though we like having him around, the fact is
The crows just use him for target practice.

Still, he's an autumn fixture around here,
We're used to re-stuffing him every year
Under his hat, he's got a great big grin
And lots of holes in his head to let the air blow in.
He holds a pair of work gloves for us to use
And, in a pinch, someone could borrow his shoes

He keeps his post, in spite of the weather,
Watching the leaves and the temperature drop together;
Part of the landscape, he's our lazy old friend,
Decorating our doorstep 'til the season's end.
We could only think more highly of good old Jack
if he'd make fall last longer -- and hold winter back.

(Filed under:  more lame poems by Lisa)

(Oh and: I may trade out the above photo when we get some haybales and pumpkins and some more mums to fill out the scene...  Just in case anyone comes back around later and notices that the picture has changed...)

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