Friday, October 17, 2014

A Gallon of Salt?

That's it? No wonder they lost the battle!

Gabriel's astonished response to the following paragraph:

Little by little, the Continental Congress realized that concilation with England was impossible. In the fall, a force under the command of Benedict Arnold was ordered off through the Maine woods toward Canada, with instructions to take Quebec.  Not a word was heard for weeks, until finally a message arrived in Philadelphia that Arnold was besieging Quebec.  Then word came of the outcome.  The Americans had launched a gallant assault on the city through the driving snow on the last day of the year.  Arnold had been wounded and the attack had failed, the first great American military disaster of the war. (Christ and the Americas by Anne W. Americas)

Maybe need to clean out your ears, Gabey?
The Battle of Quebec 
 Wherein the fellow in front is apparently carrying a bag of...  salt?

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