Monday, September 29, 2014

A Tour of the "Back Ten"

Our Tour Guide Today:  Gabriel

First, you have to go around the well...

 (Slap a mosquito.)

It's always good to prime the pump and get some water going once in a while. (Which means every time you pass by it if you're nine years old...)

Now come this way, past the old well cottage and the old boats.  I want a boat like this some day.  Now just follow me, Mommy.  I cleared this path a couple days ago.

Except this is one place I didn't get cleared.  Don't worry, Mommy.  There's only a little stinging nettle.

And here we are at the creek.  Only it's mostly dry now since it hasn't been raining.  You can just jump right down in here now and not worry about falling in. You don't want to jump down?  Well, you can just walk on top over there if you want to.

(Thanks, Gabe.  I appreciate that.)

This way now to the neat part.

Is this the neat part, Gabe?
Yep.  Pretty much.  Look how cool these roots are to climb on, Mommy!

(Now can we keep going?)

We like to climb back up right here.

(Slap a mosquito.)

Here's our neighbor's corn field.

And here's a good patch of Stinging Nettle.
(Slap a mosquito.)

Here's "Rosie," what you can see of her...
(You guys don't mess around with Miss Ann's trucks and cars,* do you?  You'd better not.  I'm talkin' spiders and snakes.  And snakes and spiders...)
Yeah, yeah, we know that, Mommy.  We don't go around them.
 Follow us through here now...  and under here...  and, are you still there?  VOILA!

THIS is the best part!
In little boy world, it's right up there, anyway.  Dominic and the girls helped the little boys build this the other day.  You know what it's used for, don't you?

I had some crazy idea when I first saw the kids building it that this was the makings of a sweet little Irish-looking stone wall to line the driveway up to the house...  

Silly me.

More Outside Later...

* Miss Ann is our very awesome landlady, a superwoman car mechanic (who looks like a very petite June Allyson) who collects cars, antique and otherwise, to rebuild.  She has them parked here and there throughout the property.  Boats, too.  And antique car diagnostic equipment.  And, you just never know what else....  Makes for interesting hikes around here!

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