Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Dog and Her Boy

Make her smile, William.

 "Come on, Penny!  Smile!"

"Now's not the time for kissing!"

"Good girl, Penny.  Are you smiling?
 Did you get that, Mommy?"

"Cheese? Say Cheese?"
(How about Braunschweiger?)

OK. One more little smile for the road.
See y'all later!


Natalie said...

Oh what a sweetie! Y'all got a new doggy or did a local doggy adopt your boy?

Lisa said...

We got a new dog, Natalie! :) We got her from a woman who contracted cancer and could no longer care for her, which is really sad -- but the family was very happy to have Penny adopted as a farm dog with lots of kids to play with. She's a 1 year old Full-bred St. Bernard-- and a sweetie!

Therese R said...

Beautiful dog and a very cute boy.