Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers' Day to the Guy Who...

(A family participation blog post...)

1) insists on barbecuing his own Fathers' Day meal because he has a bee in his bonnet about making "burnt tips" better than Famous Dave's...

2) has worked in LasVegas for a year and a half and still doesn't complain as much as his family who has lived here for six months.

3) always has time to beat up the boys before he goes to study, even after a long day of work!

4)  works hard trying to get us out of here.

5) always makes the best onion dip!

*  And, now, numbers 6-10  (or eleven or so...), your turn!  Add to the comments or on FB, if you like.  (But Dad'll see them here before he'll see them on FB most likely.)

**  And, oh yeah!  This photo is just screaming for a caption...

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