Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Oh To Be Four Again!

* Reposted from 2009 (Holy Moley! Five years ago!)  Gabe is a big ole 9-year-old now, and though he's matured to be a little more sober and sedate, he's still the joy he was as a 4-year-old. Look at him, though. These pictures do make me smile!  And the contemplation at the end is one I'm still working on.  Praying for joy and trust!  What more can we ask for here on this earth?


To have no regrets about the past, no worries about what might lie ahead.
To live 100% in the moment.

To laugh and play,
to learn and teach,
to love and be loved,
to spread joy by your mere existence.
To understand and enjoy perfect trust and contentment.

Is this what the saints did? How do we get back to that? How can we actually become "as little children" again? Is there a way to keep our children "as little children" through their growing up years?

Just thought I'd throw the questions out there. These are the things I'm contemplating tonight. What do you think?


SQUELLY said...

Wow! so much in that to think about. I think that is what the saints did. There is definitely someting in that joy so many of them had in earthly life no matter the circumstance. Their lack of ego. Their omplete trust. I am going away to think about this some more. Thanks!

MightyMom said...

well, you could put a brick on his head....I've been told that keeps em from growing up (or growing taller at least).


Seems I tell my kids daily "I don't remember giving you permission to get this big!"

childhood.........ah it flies by soooo fast.

GrandmaK said...

I think Pope John Paul II tried to tell us how to be children every time he told us not to worry! But as children are wont to do, we do not listen. We want to be in control. Thank you! Very Happy Birthday! Cathy

Kim H. said...

What? Didn't you get the manual?....TOTALLY KIDDING! :)

I ask myself that question all the time. I like Mighty Mom's suggestion. I say it's all about the foundation, just keep plugging away with the basics and before you know it, you've done your job - or at least, that's what I'm hoping. :)

And that face, I want to eat him up! How can your heart not melt?....

Mamabear said...

Squelly hit on it ~ complete trust. It starts with being loved and knowing it. We know the saints had complete trust in God's love. Our sweet children have us and hopefully we're conveying God's love. Combine that with their beautiful innocence and you've got the recipe! ;)
Unfortunately we lose that innocence. I think that's why our children are in our lives . . . to bring it back!

Bia said...

You reminded me of my Nonna who every night would tuck us in with the warning to not grow during the night. Then, every morning she would pretend to get mad because we had grown some more during the night. She would make this big production of measuring was so funny.

Lisa said...

Squelly and Mamabear ~ I think that's the trick, huh? Keeping that complete trust. But, man oh man, is that a hard one!

MM ~ I wish the brick trick worked! &:o) Toddlers have their issues, but teenagers... yikes!

Cathy ~ We shouldn't worry, that I know. He's got it all under control. But, boy ~ it's hard to always remember that and not try to take hold of the wheel!

Kim ~ Thanks! He's a sweet little guy, let me tell ya. And, I think you're right ~ it's about laying a good foundation. But, boy, I wish I could take that sweetness and innocence and joyous outlook and bottle it!

Bia ~ I love that! Your Nonna was one in a million. I hope I leave my children and grandchildren with as many wonderful memories!