Sunday, March 16, 2014

Getting Ready for St. Patrick's Day!

Michelle and her beau, Ben, are here to celebrate the feast day with us.  Woohoo!  The more family, the better -- always!  And we kinda like Michelley's face.

The menu tonight: Guinness Stew and fresh baked rolls with Blarney Stones and Irish Soda Bread (Recipes here).  Already watched Darby O'Gill and the Little People (Oooh, ooh! Young Sean Connory!) and will pull some other Irish dvd out of the collection later tonight.  Don't know which yet.  Maybe War of the Buttons.

Tomorrow is Colcanon and Corned Beef, followed by old fashioned Bread Pudding.  And we'll watch my all-time favorite movie, The Quiet Man. We all look forward to this meal every year.  It's the only time we serve it!  And we always relax our Lenten TV fast on St. Patrick's, too, of course.  It's tradition.

But this marks the first time we've ever celebrated the traditional Irish shindig with a boyfriend here!

Good thing it's Ben
 Or I don't know how I'd feel about it...  (winkwink)
 But, we kinda like Ben's face, too.  So it's all good.

(Though we sure do miss Paul and Kevvy and BroPhi and Dominic and Theresa!  I just know they're all here in spirit!  And missing the good eats if nothing else!)

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