Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday Check List

I do, indeed, have a smudge of ashes still on my forehead from midday Mass.  Check one big thing off the list! Let the Lenten season begin!

All the children have their smudges, still, too -- even the two little boys sitting in time-out right now. Four little stars next to the check and two XXs.

Didn't go anywhere outside the house to show off our ashes, though.  No check.
Even though we had to leave for Mass at 11:30 this morning, we got a full day of school in.  A little hurried, but we got it in.  There's a sloppy check!  (With an addendum that Gabe has to completely redo his English tomorrow because he rushed through it so carelessly today.)
All bookwork corrected and returned to the children. Big Red Pen Check!
Grilled cheese sandwiches and Tomato Soup a la Lazy Mama* made and consumed for lunch in quick and orderly fashion after coming home from Mass.  (No slips on the abstinence day!)  Check.

All dishes in the sink washed, dried, and almost all put away.  Check.

Stewed chicken started in the crock pot for tomorrow.  Check.
Salmon and salad for dinner tonight.  Check.
Pimiento cheese made to have on hand for the rest of the week.  Cheesy Yummy Check.
Checked that we have plenty of tomatoes, veggies, and fruit for the start of our Lenten fast and abstinence.  Check on the Check!  (Though we need more eggs!)

Silly pins and texts sent to Dan to cheer him up (he was really tired from not sleeping well last night). Schmaltzy Check.

Figured out that, though I did give up FB for Lent, and do intend to still not partake in its fun and games, etc,. I do still have to get on the site to check for messages from our son, Kevin, who is in New Zealand right now -- and communicates chiefly via his Notepad.  I also have to look for messages from Theresa in Colorado, who sometimes gets in touch with us on FB messages.  Hadn't thought that all out ahead of time.  Got it figured out now.  So, shaky Check on that one....  (Gonna be very tempting to be right there and not poke my nose into Facebook!)
Realized that giving up coffee is not too bad so long as I can substitute hot tea for it in the morning.  Check.

But, since I gave up sugar and cream (have done so for a while since we've been trying to go paleo,
anyway), tea is still pretty good and penitential.  Black Tea Check.

I don't much miss the TV, except for the fact that I always like to correct the children's work while I watch reruns of Castle up in my room.  Now I have to figure out how to rework my life to correct papers.  Do I stay upstairs and suffer while I correct in the silence and loneliness?  Or do I correct downstairs while listening to music on Pandora, with all the chatter of the house around me?  Which is really more Lenten?  Don't know yet.  No Check on that one.

Spent lots of time with the children (of course), and a few minutes so far with Dan.  Good quality time, reading together, working shoulder to shoulder in the kitchen cooking.  Check there.

Spent  time with the King of all Hearts? One on one, a personal visit, a real connection?  Well, uh...  I went to Mass, prayed the rosary...  But, well...  Not yet. No check  And I have a lot to talk with Him about, too.  Hopefully, before the night is over, I'll make some time alone with Him.  Maybe before Lent is over, I'll get into the habit of making a daily appointment, too.  Just Him and me (He and I).  Talking a little, silent more, perhaps.  Just watching.  Boy, my soul needs that right now.  Hopefully the peace and calm of this Lenten season will lead me to that place with Him.

 As for blogging, now...  You may ask why I'm choosing to continue this form of media when I'm turning my nose up at Facebook this Lent.  For one thing, FB is a lot more of a distraction -- way more incoming information; sometimes it feels like a bombardment!  The blogging world is much calmer, much quieter. More thoughtful, less "soundbite-ish." I choose exactly how much and what kind of  interaction I want to have in the blog world; rarely is anything sprung upon me unexpectedly.  Rarely am I scandalized. And, here in my own little blogging world? I'm rebuilding muscle. It exercises my mind and even my soul sometimes, this act of writing down my thoughts.  Maybe I can even string some words together coherently now and then, now that my health is improving.  It's been frustrating for me trying to get on a writing roll again, with the lack of practice and the lack of brain cells.

 It's time to get back in the swing, though.  I hope I can be consistent with my posts -- if not in quality, at
least in quantity.  Three or four a week is my goal.  I'm hoping to jot down those little things that occur to me (in a contemplation kind of way) regarding the Liturgical season, or life, or whatever --  as well as just recording what goes on in our day-to-day lives.  It's been invaluable, this blogging tool, as a family album!  I hate to lose that.  Anyhow.  We'll see how it goes.

 Anyone who happens to stumble in, please make yourself at home!  Feel free to comment, ask questions -- give me ideas to write about, please!  Make me laugh! I"ll try to return the favor.  Nothing more holy than wholesome laughter!  Even in Lent.  (I'm not for giving that up in Lent!) I'd also just  love knowing I'm not out here on the blog porch all by myself!

Blessed and Happy Lenten Season to Everyone!

* Lazy Mama Tomato Soup
Better than Campbell's,
Cheaper than Campbel's,
Better for you,
But not quite home made..

For approximately six-eight people

3 (8oz) cans tomato sauce
1 can water or, alternatively
1 can milk (whole, 2%, whatever you have)
(You can add less water or milk if you like the soup thicker!)
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
1 TBS dried oregano (and/or basil, and/or parsley)
1 tsp garlic salt
pepper to taste, if desired

Mix all together, adding parmesan last.  Heat without boiling (because the splatters make a mess if you let it boil!).  Serve. Preferably with grilled cheese to dunk in. Enjoy~!

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