Sunday, October 13, 2013

Outings Slideshow, Pt. III -- Thar's Gold In Them Thar Hills!

 At the Foot of Red Mountain
in the San Juan Range
above Ouray and below Silverton, CO
Beginning of October, 2013
"I say we tackle him."

We interrupt this silliness for some

----- Scenery -----

"Hey!  Who Goes There On My Bridge!?"
"It is I, Billy Goat Gruff"

But, no, actually, in case you couldn't tell, this is a Colorado Boy.
This is his trail.

This justified the day as an actual bona fide homeschool field trip.
History class -- CHECK! 
Looking down the mineshaft... inside the remarkably preserved head frame building.
This structure did not fare as well.  Wonder what it used to be?
My three adventurers.  Theresa isn't in this picture because she attends Hgh
School at Holy Guardian Angels, Dan's not here because he works in Las
Vegas during the week, Gabe and William happened to be in California visiting
there Grandparents when we went on this field trip, and the other four grown up
 children -- are well, grown up --and missing all the fun...

On a pinewood trail.  The clean, invigorating scent of pine needles. Ahh!
On an aspen trail.  There is nothing else anywhere that smells as wonderful as
an aspen forest in autumn.  We tried to describe it today, and the closest we
could come was to say that the falling aspen leaves twirl out a smell that is
sort of sweet, somewhat smoky, and very mellow and relaxing.
Inside one of the ghost houses in the ghost town of Ironton, a favorite "haunt"
of ours in the fall.  (These are not ghosts pictured here.  I don't think.)
Thank you so much for  joining us on the trail!  
This is the end of the slide show for today.
Come back later.  There will be more for sure!

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