Sunday, October 13, 2013

Outings Slideshow, Pt. I

At the Colorado National Monument
to the west and waaaay up above Grand Junction, CO
The middle of September

My companions on the adventure -- Anna (10), Cathy (13), Dominic (20)
Do they look related, or what?

Cathy proving that you can climb a tree in a skirt -- so long as nobody is walking around below you.

Out on "Shivers Point."  Made for a photo op.  I told Dominic to take good care of his sisters while they went over there
in order for me to gt this shot.  And he did watch over them...

... but once they'd gotten over to the flat land, he couldn't help but show off how brave he is...  (Though, actually,
what looks like a very thin little ledge, they told me is really about six feet wide -- not scary at all.  To them.)

"First we conquer Grand Junction.  Then Colorado.  Then the world...."
Dominic has gone off again to conquer the seminary, this time in the Idaho wing of Mater Dei.  We miss him!
He's one of our very favorite adventurers!  But the adventure he's on is the most amazing of all !

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