Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Escaped Mom Diaries: Day Two

What I'm wearing:  ultra-comfy grey jersey long skirt; flowered brown and cream peasant style blouse cinched with wide brown leather belt; brown-bead Victorian chandelier earrings and matching choker necklace; long, cream-colored, crochet-trim sweater; white anklet socks; green tortoise-shell reading glasses on the top of my head.

Why I'm wearing this:  (considering I'm voluntarily and happily sequestered in our Vegas hotel room and haven't seen a souls since Dan left for work this morning):  I slept in until around 8:30 (am, of course) and woke up groggy, so thought that actually "dressing up" today might wake me up.  It didn't.  A Five-hour Energy after lunch, however, did wake me up.  (Lacking coffee this week, I'm cheating with coffee alternatives, yes.)

The sweater and socks are because this hotel room has two temperature settings: desert hot and arctic cold.  I go back and forth all day moving the a/c dial up and down, then taking off and putting on my sweater....

The reading glasses on top of my head, I pull down onto my nose to see my computer on my lap, then prop up on top when I want to see Nathan Fillion (see below) on the television across the room.  (Glasses up; glasses down; glasses up; glasses down -- all day....)

What I have accomplished today:

1)  Looked all over the country on Craigslist, in the hopes of finding good job opportunities for Dan anywhere other than Lost Vegas; then perused the housing prospects in Lost Vegas on Realtor.com and Craigslist in the chance that Dan doesn't find a job somewhere better.
Concluded: It's unacceptable for our family to live two states away from its Daddy for much longer.

2) Texted with my sister, Nina, about her dentist visit and how bee-a-utiful her choppers look.
Concluded:  nothing like a sister for just that kind of discussion.

3)  Also texted with  charming daughter, Michelle, and shared her new blog on my sidebar --> over there, and on my FB page.
Concluded:  Michelley's blog is way better than mine, and she only just started!

4) Called my porch buddy, June, but she was standing in line at the post office, so I promised to call back later.
Concluded: Life goes on without me at home.  Which is a good thing!

5) Worked on a personal writing project, but got nowhere with it, other than correcting a few of my own grammatical and punctuation errors. Spent most of my allotted writing time, fooling around on Facebook (FB).
Concluded:  Life does not go on without me in my imaginary literary kingdom, but I can get a good idea of what's going on in everyone else's life by hanging around FB.

6) Watched Fox news for a little while.
Concluded: Knowing what's going on in the real world only makes me mad.  And Bill Hemmer is kinda cute, but Shepard Smith is still my favorite, each man's personal politics, etc, notwithstanding.
7) Watched three episodes of Castle after lunch.

Concluded: Nathan Fillion is super cute, but the literate and very funny character he plays on this show is awesome; watching him on tv is a huge improvement on the news.

(*Bonus Conclusion: Comparing appealing men on TV is a more entertaining pastime than actually paying any attention to what they're saying or doing... Except maybe in the case of Castle...  But, my husband thinks he's funny, too, so tolerates my swooning over him with equanimity.)

8)  Spent most of the day listening to "Mumford and Sons Radio" on Pandora.
Concluded:  The best background sound of all.

9) Made spiced cinnamon iced tea and munched on gluten free pretzels all afternoon.
Concluded:  I could pretty much live on spiced cinnamon iced tea and gluten free pretzels. (Sometimes I do.)

10) Lurked the twisted corridors, walled gardens, palatial showrooms, and crowded auditoriums of Pintrest off and on throughout the day, and found stuff like this:

Is this not the coolest room ever -- for boys or girls?  Or me!

And check out this refrigerator!  I think I'm in love.
 Talk about combining form and function!

Love the Pintrest wardrobe ideas.  Wish I had a million dollars and a
walk-in closet the size of my living room...  This outfit, I would prefer
a more substantial tee or blouse, but love the denim/Navy with mint.

How pretty is this? I can so see it on any one of my girls.

  Where grapes come from.

So cute. (Insert smiley here.)  Do you suppose it's photo-shopped?

Right, huh?

True! How many short blog posts have you ever seen here?

This recipe (found here) for chili cheese cornbread is
very similar to one of our family all-time favorites!
End of the day now and the end of this diary post...  Dan is back from work, and is making fun of me because I keep saying I'm "almost done" on the computer.  And, now I can say I really am-- almost done...

And now, DONE.

Except for this:  All other Pintrest photos shown can be found here, at my pinning boards, complete with the links to more information and sources...


Kim F said...

Oh Lisa the trouble we could get into if left together a long weekend in the same zip code lol!

Kim F said...

I would fight-ya for the striped skirt though. Shamelessly lol. Been on the lookout for same!

Lisa said...

:0) I suggest I get to come to your zipcode, Kim! You've seen Colorado; I've never seen England! (Heehee!)

But, yeah... that skirt! Don't ya love it? But I can't find one that I wouldn't have to hem four inches! I wish I could just grow four inches so the cute maxis out there would fit me!