Monday, August 19, 2013

Escaped Mom Diaries: Day Eight


Actually... here on my blog first, then copied to FB...
A. So, spent the weekend in California, as previously noted
     1. visiting with Paul and Nicole and sweet baby, Gavin
     2. also had the pleasure of spending time with Dan's parents, Dan Sr. and Sharon.

B.  Drove back to Vegas Sunday night
      1. through the midst of a terrific lightning spectacle

C. Dan and I got a room until Thursday
     1. on the twelfth floor and the north side of the hotel
         a) where, instead of a view of the dusty hills over a parking lot, we can see the iconic Vegas skyline --          b) right over the street they block off on weekends for block parties
         c) Last night it was some kind of Mardi Gras jazz that drifted up and knocked on our window all hours of the night

D.  Tonight Dan has to work all night to finish a "priority one" issue at the city, so I'm on my own
      1.  currently watching an NCIS marathon
            a) while working on a writing project
            b) and intermittently zooming in on either Pintrest, Facebook, or various text messages
      2. answering lots of missives
          a) from Dominic
          b) and Dan
          c) also from my sister, Nina
          d) because my sisters and I (but mostly my sisters because they live nearby) are helping my mother work out finding an Altzheimer Care Facility for my Dad
          e) it is impossible to categorize how this makes us all feel

 E. Had some dinner
     1. rotisserie chicken, some slices of an heirloom tomato I got from Dan's Mom (YUM!), and cracked pepper potato chips
     2. heard the children had grilled steak, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie for lunch
         a)  I'm missing the food and the fun
         b) but totally rocking the computer-television-introvert thing

   F.  Big plans
        1)  look up proper outlining method
        2)  paint tonails
        3)  switch to my Castle DVDs after the NCIS marathon is over
        4)  pray for my Mom and Dad
        5) and go to bed early
        6) walk across to a coffee shop for breakfast in the morning after Dan leaves
        7) get serious about organizing school plans for a September 2nd FDOS (First Day Of School) at our house
        8) and more of all the same pastimes on Wednesday
            i. busy, busy, busy!
        9) until Thursday when Dan and I pack up and head home together
            i. after which time things will get really busy, busy, busy...

Daytime view of  "the Strip." Overcast here this afternoon.

Nighttime view, taken last night.

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