Monday, November 5, 2012

Photos From Ireland: Mug, Mug...


No, not like this.

Like This:

Mugging at the Dublin airport.

Mugging with the first Guinness (or so).

Mugging with the first (maybe only) icecream.

Blurry Mugging.
It's the camera that's fuzzy here, not the  children.
Or so they tell me.

Smug muggin' it up with their new Dublin caps.

Cheesey mugging this time in their new Dublin caps.

Muggin it up on the train in their new Dublin caps.

Looking sharp for Mass.

Kinda 1930's vintage hip.

But this is the real backpacking-across Ireland look.

Michelle making friends everywhere she goes...

Tall Elton John?
(Where we going?  Going that way.)
Phil Collins dressed like St. Thomas More.
They all want to shake hands with Michelle.

This guy didn't mind posing at all.
But, strangely, Elmo was grumpy, they tell us.
(Though Elmo is a friend of Shelly's from way back.
Her first word was "tickle."  Really!)

Mugging at the Museum:

Mugging at the Train Station:

Note from Blogger Mom: They're gonna shoot me for posting these, but, I figure they really oughta be like the big macho guys who aren't afraid to wear pink.  They're so cute, they can get away with these rubber face mugs, doncha think?  ;0)  (Yeah, I know you'll both get me back, somehow.  I'll be watching my back...)

But, look.  Ain't they pretty?
Here's a serious, sophisticated, grown up pose now...

Staring into the mid-distance...
That's cool.

This one feels more natural, though.

Hamburgers!!!  From the double decker "slop shoot" on
O'Connell St., Dublin. A nice cheap treat!

And a Mall.  A really cool mall in Dublin. Almost like being
in  America.  But not really.

So cute.  But we have only seven dollars left, Mom.

And then, the night before...
Stayed up too late enjoying their last night in Dublin --
and, truly, they tell me -- they really did not drink very much
Guinness at all the whole time they were there... 

Followed by the morning after...
Had to get up before the crack of dawn to make Michelle's
7 a.m. flight back to Austria.  Airport Zombies.

Both are safely "home" now.   Dominic is home anyway, here with us nursing a head cold brought on by all the sleep he got and the Guinness he did not drink in Ireland.  Michelle is now currently enjoying a grand time with good friends in Germany before heading back to Austria  Wednesday to work for another three weeks before heading home. We can't wait to see her! And the other half of the pictures we haven't seen yet...

Besides Dominic's head cold, they came back with wonderful souvenirs for everyone (wait 'til you see the sweater they got me!), two hats, a Dublin sweater and a tee shirt for themselves, no money left on their student cards -- and roughly fourteen hundred pictures to share.  These are just a very few, obviously.  Odd bunch of pictures, you think?  Or at least maybe a little unusual that there'd be so many silly face shots?There's a reason...   You see, before he left, I made Dominic promise to take tons and tons of pictures -- and "make sure I see your faces in them," I said.  "I don't want just scenery."

So this is what I got.

Aren't they great?   They really tell the story.

 I hope you enjoyed them. Because they crack me up!

Love these two!

Dominic and Chicky
October, 2012


Kevin Davis said...

I have their journal from the trip...haha it's unique.

Lisa said...

No kidding? I want to see that! How'd you get it? Shell says she's gonna turn it into a book and make a million dollars. ;0)

Bia said...

oh, what fun! and i LOVED your sentence: "all the sleep he got and the Guinness he did not drink ..."