Friday, April 27, 2012

Gratuitous Pix of Our Grandson

And a poem...
What are heavy?
Sea, Sand, and Sorrow;
What are brief?
Today and tomorrow;
What are frail?
Spring blossoms and youth;
What are deep?
The ocean and truth.

* Poem by Christina Rosetti

"Mommom" (that's me) and "Dandad" (Dan, of course) and all the aunts and uncle are enjoying every minute we can with Grandbaby, Gavin!  He was here with his Momma (beautiful Nicole) in Colorado for about a month right around Easter and then I got to go back and visit with the  two of them a little more in California last week, while helping with the drive back home.  

Taken before Paul deployed.
And, not like it's anything new to us around here of course, but it is always amazing and wonderful witnessing the blooming of a new little personality. Just between the time he first came to visit and when I had to leave and come home to Colorado, Gavin grew and changed so much!  He learned all about the best ways to make his young Uncles (Uncle Gabe, and Uncle Bill*) laugh, and how to get anything he wanted out of his aunts; he found out about Easter eggs, and sticking suction cup Nerf bullets on glass doors...  And he learned how  to say "Hiyee, Daddy!"  When Paul skyped from Afghanistan last week, Gavin spoke up and greeted his Daddy right on cue. Wish I'd been there to see Paul's face! Life is sweet.  Babyhood is the sweetest. And, oh, so short.  

 Praying Paul's deployment is cut short, so he can come home and enjoy his little family as soon as possible!

* William does not really like being called "Uncle Bill" -- but has conceded that it will be easier for Gavin to learn how to say "Uncle Bill" than "Uncle William."  So it has been permitted.  Still -- make no mistake about it -- only Gavin is allowed to call him by the shortened version of his moniker.  The rest of the world must call the youngest Davis --William, and nothing but William.  Not Bill.  Not Billy.  Not Will.  Not Willy.  William. 

 Uncle Bill has spoken.


(Heehee!  Just kidding, Yuyum!)


Therese said...

hahaha. I think William is a much better name than Bill or Billy anyway.

Christopher wants to know how old he is? I am guessing they are around the same age. Christopher is 7.

Anne P. said...

That's just too darn cute..Oh, btw, met a wonderful man and his wife this weekend from your neck of the woods..Cannot remember his name, older gentleman, and boy..I'd love to go put down a pint with this man! He's a hoot! Don and I really want to get over to your neck of the woods soon..We shall see!