Wednesday, February 15, 2012

St. Valentine's Day in Review

What had to be cleaned up before the traditional "Boys Serve Girls" St. Valentine's Soiree:

The Attendees

The photographer who refused to have her picture taken...
As well as:
Cathy and Anna

And Theresa
Missing:  Michelle and Aunt Nina! :(
 On the menu:  White fish, wonderfully spiced; shrimp and cocktail sauce; wild rice; asparagus with hollandaise; bread with dipping sauce; sparkling apple juice for the kiddos, wine for me and chef, Daddy.  Sugar free gelato for dessert.

The wait staff:

The "dangerous waiter," William, who miraculously did make it to the table without spilling anything, providing a running commentary on everything, while stealing food off our plates...

And the "safe waiter," Gabe, who delivered everything politely and carefully and did not steal our food.
Here pictured bringing in the shrimp, as you see.

William with the bread.  We didn't trust him to carry in the oil and balsamic vinegar.  The chef did that.

(Anna looking only slightly nervous here...)

Not shown:  all the girls holding their breath while William (who insisted that this was part of his job) refills Theresa's glass of sparkling apple juice.

A little dinner theater while we ate:

A sort of monkey puppet show thing, courtesy of Gabey...

And this:


It was lovely, as always.

(Check out my gift from William:  a "Be Mine" ring that fit only on the end of my pinky finger -- which is where William informed me it was supposed to go. " Exactly". )

We missed all the usual wait staff and assistant chefs, I tell you!  But we know they were here in spirit.(We love and miss our valentine servants, Paul, Kevvy, Jon and Br. Pio!) 

Now the countdown begins for the traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner -- this one cooked and served chiefly by the girls. Stay tuned!


auntie said...

What a beautiful tradition. The serenade was the best part. (I don't even need to taste the food to know!) Can't wait to hear the St. Patrick's day reviews.

Kim@Starry Sky Ranch said...

Oh love it Lisa!! Especially the sunshine part