Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Home Again -- In A New House

Where Thou art ~ that ~ is home.
~ Emily Dickinson
The little boys eating breakfast before school this morning in the dining room.  All the walls in the house started out stark, glaring white.  Cathy said it looked like a lunatic asylum and she expected a man in a white coat to show up at any minute.  So, we painted.  Green is always good in my book.  The curtains aren't all up yet, but these green ones (which we want to hang better later, with a nicer rod), we felt compelled to jimmy up quick because we didn't want our dear eighty-year-old neighbor lady, whose house looks directly into these windows, to see what slobs we are as we're settling in. 

The living room -- and the patio doors, outside of which is a big, roomy porch we expect to live on when the weather gets nice.  You'll notice that, though we're far from  being finished with the unpacking, etc., the TV is up and running. Gotta have our DVDs.  How could we possibly get through the day without any I Love Lucys?

The little breakfast nook in the kitchen, which we're using for a desk.  There's no room in the dining room or living room for a proper desk, without really crowding things, and we decided we rather liked having the computer next to the window that will overlook our garden this spring.  Haven't decided on what color to paint this room.  Possibly a warm khaki or maybe a pale yellow -- but we have to live in it a while before we decide.  We do like the curtains we found, though, and will work around them, probly.

Theresa at the very popular coffee-and-tea station, which is located a convenient two steps from the computer.  Cups are above, boxes of tea, sugar, creamer, and snacks are down below.  Check out how tall the counters and cabinets are.  They were hand built in the fifties, we are told, for a very tall woman.  We call this Julia Child's kitchen.

Cathy and Anna (those lazy homeschoolers!)  trying out the top bunk in their new room.  As you can see, their room is up under the eaves just like our old house in eastern Colorado.  We've got the room all painted, but it's not all done yet, with its flower fairy curtains, etc -- so I'm not allowed to show it yet.  And the little boys' room -- I'll get some pics of that when I can walk across the floor...

Dan's office, not even close to unpacked yet.   But, check out the panelling.  Back in the '70s this was the height of fashion.  (What were they thinking?)  I remember my Dad and grandfather installing some in the "den" of our house when I was a little girl, we removed it in our house on the prairie, and here we are having to look at it again.  Uck.  It seems that most of the walls downstairs were paneled like this, but were all painted over, thankfully, except this room.  And it's only a matter of time before the girls and I tackle it. 
Lots more to share about this old house: the thrill of working with plaster walls again, the ancient weeping willow tree; the grape vines that go with the vinyard right over the fence; the "dog kennel" storage; the super-uper scary cellar (have to get some pics of that!); the cellar door -- just like in the hand-clap game, where you "slide down my cellar door, and we'll be jolly friends forever more, more, shut the door...  We miss the log house a little.  For one thing, there really is a lot less space here, but, holy cow!  Is there a lot more character -- and the stories are just beginning... The little boys tell us, for instance, that it's not them, but a couple of little ghost boys that run up and down the stairs at night.  Hmmm.....  Ya never know.

Anyway, I'll be back with more. Gotta go work on Dan's office today!

Blessings to Everyone!


Bia said...

Wow, so much accomplished! You must make quick decisions because I would never be able to hang curtains and pick paint colors for an entire house (I can only handle a room, or two).

Speaking of curtains, your breakfast nook/desk is charming.

And about that paneling ... when it's painted an antique white it gives a room a vintage look. I'm not sure your husband would want that for his office, but it does look really nice.

GrandmaK said...

Enjoyed the tour!! Looks like a comfortable home! And a screened in patio!! Neat! Cathy

AnchorMama said...

How exciting! It's coming together so nicely. I love the pictures! Everything looks so bright and sunny. I laughed at the "Julia Child's kitchen" line. Do you have room for a step stool?

Natalie said...

Wow! I had no idea you were even moving again! Where are you now? Still in Colorado I hope. Everything looks nice and I hope everything comes together for your family.