Sunday, October 16, 2011

So, By All Reports...

* William didn't sleep for fourteen nights in a row while I was gone.
* They all ate pizza every night.
* They rode their bikes every afternoon with Daddy to Timbuktoo and back.
* William, who rode behind Daddy in the pull-behind, was the most exhausted of the group after biking.
* The house looked like the site of a nuclear disaster until right before I got home.
* All the laundry was caught up and the socks matched (but Gabe wore one black and one white sock to Mass this morning).
* Everyone was clean and tidy and the girls' hair was fixed pretty for picture day last Thursday (proof of that when the pictures come back... I hope.)
* And the big news of October -- son number three, Jonathan, is very, very happy after having been received into the postulancy at the seminary on the feast of the Divine Maternity, October 11th!    God bless him and his brother, fellow seminarian, Brother Pius (Dominic), and help them listen closely for the Will of God, and, with the help of their Order's patroness, the Mother of God, fulfill all that He asks of them both!

PS:  Had a wonderful time with my sis and cousin exploring Gettysburg, but I'm so glad to be home!  Boy does my own bed feel good!  And I sure did miss all these little faces!
PPS:  Notes on our travels and lots of pics coming soon!  Check out the above header picture, though, while I finish downloading and posting, and see what you can find.  This was taken toward the woods behind Little Round Top, just south of Gettysburg.  And if you happen to spy what we spied, please know that this is a candid shot; absolutely no photoshopping was done on this picture. Let me know if you see anything unusual! (Not my name in the corner -- but something more amazing!  Keep in mind, this is on a major Civil War battlefield...)


auntie said...

Is that your name in the corner? Glad that you had a good trip but for Gabe and William's sakes I am so happy that you are home.

Anonymous said...

looks like a "ghost" standing below the rocks on the right, very beautiful

auntie said...

There is the outline of a man standing above the rocks, among the trees.