Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pennsylvania is a Beautiful Place

And that's all I'm gonna say,
'Cause it took me forever to download these pictures
And this is Wordless Wednesday...

My sis, Nina

My cousin, Mick, on "Quid" (on horseback tour of battlefields)

Me on "Rascal"

The Dobbins House, Gettysburg -- the host inn of our B&B adventure.
Our little cottage was next door.

Inside the Dobbins House

A couple pretty house down the street from our B&B
above and below...

One of the Gen'l Lee memorials

Theresa and I would like to print this shot out to use for stationary.  It looks
misty due to the rain falling the day it was taken.

A B&B in the heart of Gettysburg...

One of the twin sycamores.  This "witness tree" is one of a pair that can be seen in Civil War era photographs -- and appear to have been just as tall and healthy then as they are now.

The corner of our breakfast table at our B&B...

OK....  so not quite wordless.  I ended up staying up with Anna past bedtime -- which I'd hoped to participate in after these pictures finally all posted.  But right at the end of night prayers, Anna started feeling sick.... and so here I am, adding captions in between vomiting episodes...  See how I can multi-task?:)   Don't know of anyone else who's been sick out our way, but hope we're not on the front end of a lollapaloozer.  We're all downing our Sambu Guard and Ecchinacea...  Here's hoping and praying...

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