Sunday, June 19, 2011

 It's been a very busy time for us around here and I've had barely (bearly?) a moment to sit down at the computer to keep up with any correspondence, much less my blog here.  I'm so sorry to have been so sparse!   I think we might be on the home stretch of the summer 2011 vacation marathon, though, as we have only one more scheduled trip coming up.  We're heading out Thursday morning for a road trip with a number of our good friends and all the children except Paul who we're going to visit, and including Dominic who will be on vacation from Seminary. (Woohoo!)

 Here's where we'll be.

We're stopping first in Spokane where we're so excited to attend Final Vow and Ordination ceremonies, and we we also hope to get a visit with some of our favorite teaching Sisters who are home at the Mother House this first part of the summer.  Then we're heading for southern California where the group of us (14 altogether at last count!) will converge upon Paul, Nicole, and Gavin, as well as Dan's parents.  And we're also hoping to bump into another contingent of the children's school friends who are road tripping to California at the same time.  Count on there being beach trips, barbeques, and a Disneyland excursion, etcetera and so forth, with card games and miscellaneous silliness sprinkled throughout.  I'm bringing my new camera and a book on how to actually use it -- so be warned:  there will be a nauseating number of photos to scroll through when I get  back on here ;) which should be around the second week of July.

P.S. ~ I hope you don't mind me begging for your prayers for a safe journey for everyone!  We leave on the feast of Corpus Christi and hope to start the day with Christ in our hearts and souls, and on our minds.  I'll offer my prayers and Communion for all of you who hang in here with me and visit, though I'm so rarely "at home" these days! 

P.P.S. ~  I've posted ahead a few simple feastday rememberances, by the way, if you happen by while we're gone.  

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