Sunday, June 5, 2011

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Things That Tickle My Funny Bone

Spotted in a parking lot somewhere in Denver

Mr. Taylor is the little boys' new hero.  The girls think that,  considering his second
 reason for good health, he probably never had a chance to try out the first reason...

Oh, and here, incidentally, is Charlie's water wheel, just outside Idaho Springs, Colorado

Just inside the gates at Heritage Square Amusement Park near Golden, Colorado...
If it were outside the gates, they might have fewer patrons, I'm thinking.
(But ya gotta love the sense of humor... and the cautionary hint!)

At Heritage Square -- lots of great photo ops like these:

And where all the children got to take a couple of turns on the Alpine Slide -- the first time any of them had been on the slide, or on a ski lift chair...

Here's William:

And here's the view looking back:

Were they scared? 

Are you kidding?

They didn't want the rides to end!

Above pictured are Anna and Cathy -- Cathy in a sling because she hyper-extended her elbow doing acrobatics off a swing a couple weeks ago (=sigh=) -- but that's not enough to stop our Cathy, heaven knows.
William rode down with me or Dan, and thought we went to slow.  Everyone had a wonderful time -- even Theresa, who took a spill half way down the mountain... (only a half dozen more sessions with the chiropractor to see the end of the Alpine Slide now...).  And her middle aged mother  had a blast, too, but she had not expected to be engaging in such activities that morning when she got dressed and wore a long green gypsy skirt that caught the wind and flew up over her head half way down the mountain while racing Michelle... (Now, seriously; don't even try to imagine that picture! ) No worries, though -- there was not a soul in sight as I rounded a hidden corner  -- and you can imagine I whipped that skirt back down and tucked it under me faster than a wink!  But, alas, the kafoffle caused me to lose time, and Michelle beat me down the mountain.  Drat.  There will be a rematch eventually.

Then there was Michelle's Surprise Sweet Sixteen Party.

We scheduled it almost a month ahead of her birthdate to make sure...

                ...she was clueless.


And she was.
But also Thrilled as only she can be... 

But Speechless??


And the following photos are just random goofiness.

William just loves  our friend, Sarah -- she's so durn cute (and he'll tell you that!), but she's also a nice sharer and a wonderful influence.  All afternoon at the volleyball park one Sunday in Denver William "shared" this little critter -- apparently called a "Twonkie" --  back and forth with Sarah, in an unprecedented-for-William attempt to outdo someone else in niceness.  They were so nice, they were almost disgusting.  It was lovely.
I have no idea where this photo came from on my camera.I'm wondering if the little ants that have been invading us through the porch door borrowed my camera early one morning and took this shot...   I think that's the corner of our back porch you see there.

Classic Silly.  What can I say?
And this one? A little dear caught in the headlights.

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MightyMom said...

I always love your pictures!!

that sign reminds me of one I saw recently somewhere (no idea WHERE) that said "All unattended children will be given a double espresso and free puppy"