Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Now for something Completely Different

Here's a little something we've been working on to add to our Easter sidetable:

Minion Eggs!
Here's How To Make Them

1.  Dye some eggs a good deep yellow. (Head egg-dying bunny, Theresa, shown here)  Some of our Minion eggs were "blown out," the rest, boiled.  Note: we found it works better to dye the blown out eggs before emptying them, as the dye just fills the "blow holes," otherwise.
2.  Take a bit of blue foam or doubled-up construction paper, cut out as shown above -- approximately 5 1/2 inches long by about 1" tall -- with little suspenders notched in. (Or the "bib" on overalls) Then  add details with a  black sharpie and hot glue into a circle for little overall egg stands, as shown below.

3.  Cut a piece of 1/4" black elastic (though black paper would work, too, I'm sure) to fit around your egg. 
4.  Glue 1/4" googly eyes (or eye) to the elastic inside 1/4" silver eyelette (smashed flat)
--Alternatively, silver sparkle paper (got ours at W-mart) can be cut into "goggles" very nicely


(Should look something like this)

5.  Draw the mouth on with a black sharpie if it's an empty-headed Minion, but you might want to use food-writer markers for the hard-boiled Minions to be safe.  (You can get Wilton fine tip food writing markers at Joann's)
6.  Hot glue all the pieces to the egg for the non-edible Minions, but leave their accessories removable for the boiled eggs. 
We love Minions!

(Fair Warning: the following clip is perfectly full of bad imitative behaviour...)

We're working on making some props for our little Minions next...  We're going to make little guy a diver and use a bent straw for the snorkel (We saw this idea in Family Fun magazine).  And we thought it'd be fun to figure out how to make a butterfly net for another one...  The possibilities are endless!  Except...  We haven't figured out a graceful way to give them arms...Or hair.  Poor little armless, bald  Minions.  Any ideas?

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Alexandra said...

These are so funny! Thanks for sharing. Family Fun is a super resource.