Friday, April 29, 2011

Just Sayin'

The British Royal Household employs approximately 1200 servants.  There are around 400 "household staff alone at Buckingham Palace. In addition to the two people who take care of the 300 some clocks at the palace, this includes "domestic servants," chefs, footmen, cleaners, plumbers, gardeners, chauffers, and electricians.  Not to mention the Poet Laureate and the court piper.  And that's only one palace.  Windsor Castle, the largest inhabited castle in the world, employs over 500 servants; little Blamoral castle in Sotland, pays 50 permanent staff -- and then there are Holyroodhouse, Sandringham House, Kensington and St. James with all their staffs.  It's tradition.  If you are a Royal, you get to have servants -- a large portion of which are "civil servants," paid for by the British taxpayer.

But Kate and William, bless their working class little hearts, have decided not to have a "staff" .  At least not in their own little cottage, I guess.  And their reasons are understandable:  security from tabloid leaks, and just plain old privacy.  I get that. 

But there's just one thing I'd like to say:  If you don't want 'em, Kate and Bill, I'll take them!

Seriously.  I will.

* Check out the other crazy positions ou could apply for at the Royal Court: You could be a  Royal Waterman, the  Astronomer Royal,  the Master of the Horse among others!


Bia said...

how about ... Master Houseguest? I'd apply for that one ... ;)

Peggy (Soutenus) said...

LOL --- "But there's just one thing I'd like to say: If you don't want 'em, Kate and Bill, I'll take them!"

Let's split them! LOL

Sharon said...

Ha ha! I totally agree. Send 'em my way, Mr. and Mrs...I forget their last name...Windsor??

Moderate Fundamentalist said...

And, er, how many staff does President Obama have?