Monday, March 14, 2011

Praying While You Work: Devotions for the Use of Martha Rather Than Mary

Anything can be prayed -- even a novel.  If you can pray while you are reading, you can pray while you are writing. If you can pray while you are writing, you can pray while you are doing pretty well anything.

~ Dom Hubert Van Zeller

I've been able to type out the introduction and the first four short chapters of Dom Zeller's book.  As I enter new chapters, they'll scroll away, leaving the most recent on top.  It's kind of a pain in the neck, I'm afraid, to reverse-order in the blogging format so that the book posts first page to last. I hope it won't be confusing to allow the links in the table of contents on the top of the sidebar to provide a chronologically correct reading experience. Let me know if you have any problems.  I'll try to type in more as I'm able, hopefully one every two days or so.

 You can find the blog here -- where the most recently transcribed chapter will appear first.  Or click on the title (above) to link to the Introduction. 

 Sidenote:  As you read the introduction, you'll see a long embedded quote that describes  first-hand the life of a housewife in the early fifties.  Goodness sakes!  See what you think.  Do you think they had it harder than we do now, or easier?  Feel free to comment in the combox over there if you like. I'll tell you what I think in the comments.


Anne said...

I'm not sure if you saw my comment from the other day but this book has been republished under a different title. I purchased it recently and really enjoyed it. I tried emailing you but it didn't work.

Anne said...

oops, I forgot the link.

GrandmaK said...

Thank you for your hard work. It is enlightening! Cathy

becky said...

Thank you for posting this, Lisa. I've never heard of this work and am finding it a good Lenten read. I had just been mulling over the short amount of actual formal prayer time (with six kids and the youngest a year, I seem to never get time to think!)vs time I try to spend recollected throughout the day, and wondering if God considers that prayer as much as He does the actual kneeling time. It is encouraging to read this, as it is all to easy to become discouraged when I compare the time I was able to spend on devotions in my early years, and the time I have available now.

BTW: I tried to post over there, but it didn't have a NAME/URL option so it wouldn't let me do it.