Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cheater Paczkis

Certainly not as good as the real thing, but super quick and super easy!

1.  Get a bag of frozen dinner rolls and follow the directions for baking, letting them rise once.

2. Heat your deep fryer to 360 degrees and fry the raised roll dough until golden brown.

3.  For the quickest, easiest, cheatingest version, in lieu of "piping" preserves or custard with a piping bag,
use the tip of the whip cream can to poke a hole in the side of the fried "paczki" and carefully squirt in some spray whipped cream.  (Caution: it can squirt out if it's not centered well, and, well, someone is going to have
 to lick whipped cream off their fingers... or the floor. ;0)

4.  Dust with powdered sugar and eat right away!
  If you wait too long, the whipped cream will deflate!
But, don't worry, this is highly unlikely.
These disappear purty fast!

* My cheaters turned out kinda small because I got busy and let them rise too long -- so they lost their "puff."  They still tasted yummy, though!

* Because there is neither eggs nor milk in the frozen dough recipe and we used light spray whip, this recipe was comparatively lower in fat and calories.  Not diet food, but better than it might have been.  Just sayin....

Happy Pancake Shrove Tuesday!


Holly said...

Your blog makes me smile! Here's praying your family finds joy and happiness in the cleansing, renewing season of Lent. Thank God for the opportunity sacrifice! Much love from the Coco's.

Bia said...

oh my ... these look delicious. really, really delicious.

i am hungry.