Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No Batteries Required

Or joystick, or remote, or monitor...

It's called:  Don't Let Grandpa Catch Your Hands.

Fun for all ages.


Rochelle said...

Hi Lisa and Dan,

I was thinking about you and your family and remembered that I enjoyed your blog when you guided me to it last year! Great photos and how fun! Hope you are all well. Our family was blessed with a new baby boy, Julian. He arrived on December 13 and is absolutely adorable! At 10# 2.8oz he felt half grown! Everyone is well here. I love the photo of the snowy lane. Take care and God Bless you all. Rochelle

Natalia said...

Lisa, I wanted to say thank you for your comment on my blog of old pictures of big families. How nice it is to find a "kindred spirit!" I don't know anyone who likes exactly these like I do so thank you! I hope you keep checking in.

I am now going to check out your blog!

Thanks again.

GrandmaK said...

Indeed, it's a standard in our house too!!!...That and riding the pony!!! Have a wonderful day!! Cathy

MightyMom said...

love it!

we play Hop on Pop quite frequently! course Subvet's aching a bit longer afterwards lately so I'm telling him the kids may be outgrowing the game....