Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

Signing on for a quick minute to report that we are all alive and well and meeting ourselves around corners, we're running around so much.  Paul and I arrived safely from Virginia Wednesday afternoon after picking up Dominic and cramming him in the backseat with all our luggage and Nicole's bird.  We got home just in time to see the school children's Christmas play Wednesday evening which was, of course, delightful and charming, most particularly because of the little glitches and pecadillos of the evening.  The production was "The Small One."  Remember the story about the donkey that St. Joseph found to take the Blessed Mother to Bethlehem?  Anna was a "crowd member," Gabe was an "extra donkey," and Theresa was "his wife" -- more commonly known as "the fat lady." 

Yesterday we spent working on the Nativity scene, visiting with Paul, Nicole and Gavin, and finishing up the last of the Christmas shopping.  Today we prepare for the gathering after the Baptism tomorrow, as well as the last minute preparations for Christmas.  I have laid my finger aside my nose -- but not given the nod yet, in other words.

Of the children, so far we have home: Paul and his family, Dominic, and the five "regulars," Theresa, Cathy, Anna, Gabe, and William.  Sometime tonight Jon and Michelle should arrive, as well as Kevin  and his girl, Emily.  My parents and sister, Nina should also roll in some time today, and Dan's parents are flying in tomorrow.  Except for the grandparents and Paul's gang everyone is staying here.  Where I am not sure yet, but the universal opinion is that  we'll slip 'em all in somewhere.  Teenagers have an amazing ability to sleep on the floor and be no worse for it in the morning.

So...  I have this great plan to try get back on here later and download some pictures, but...  well, seeing as there has not been a Christmas cookie made that was not eaten while I was gone, and seeing as I still have no clue what the Littles are wearing for Midnight Mass, and seeing as I still have to go to North Pole and finish up some elving, and hang the rest of the ornaments on the tree, and decorate the front porch, and make Friday's spinach dip and guacamole and chowder, etc, etc, and so forth...  Well, I might or might not get back on here to wish everyone a very Blessed and Happy Christmas!

 I hope everyone's days are cozy and warm and that your hearts are singing with thoughts of our newborn King! 



Sarah Oldham said...

Mele Kalikimaka e Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! Aloha to you and yours!

Mum2eight said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family LIsa.

Kim @ Starry Sky Ranch said...

/oh the work of hiding those cookies lol I cant wait to see pics of the new baby. God bless!

Anonymous said...

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