Monday, May 3, 2010

"It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers..."

~ James Thurber

I can usually think of something to blog about on a moment's notice.  I have so much foolishness floating around in my head at any given moment, I can almost always pull something out to post on, but I'm drawing a blank tonight.  Seems like the wonderful weekend and spectacular news of my impending grandmotherhood has left me speechless. There are no words in my cartoon bubble. Except for the fact that I've been painting all day and I hate painting, life is good.  But I am speechless.  (See how I can go on and on about having nothing to say?  It's a gift...)

Anyway,  I was thinking ...  ("With What?" my favorite critic would say.)  But, really, I was thinking;  I was remembering how much I enjoy other bloggers' question and answer posts and wondered if I haven't blabbed so much that there really aren't any questions left to ask.  What do you think?  If I open the floor to questions, do you promise to step up to the mike and not leave me standing here on the stage doodling circles on the floor with the toe of my shoe?
Is there anything you're curious about?  If I don't have an answer, I promise to make up something creative.  Let me know in the combox and I'll do my best to get back with answers in the next couple of days!


MightyMom said...


can you see me rubbing my hands together and cackling evilly?

gimme a day or two...I'll give you some QUESTIONS!


Diana said...

What are you painting? Did you check out my painting project at my blog? I just gave a sneak peek. It's not all finished yet. Don't you find that when there is nothing to blog about we still end up blogging about something? Love Di ♥

anne said...

There are so many goofy questions that buzz through my head on any given day..Ill have to get back to this one..I still remember the post about snot and how it's actually beneficial..Never seen such a great post about something like that!

Sarah Oldham said...

I enjoyed this post as much as the others! You have been a wealth of information and fun! Also, I think it's your girls I got the banana chocolate chip cookies recipe from (they are the IT cookie and I've given the recipe to others 'cos they are so well liked).

I'll come back with some questions.

oooooo, word verification is "miter" so maybe I should ask you what you think of the new translation of the Mass coming out soon?