Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two-fer Tuesday

Two by Two
The animals went in two by two.
A couple of hippos, a pair of gnu,
Two spectacled bears from Lima, Peru
And even, it's said, a push-me-pull-you.

But, right at the back of the very long queue
Stood a herd of wild young caribou.
The bouncers looked angry: 'Hey you, Yes You'
'No parties allowed! Off with you! SHOO!'

Theresa and William
Sis, Donna, and beau, Tim
(visiting us on Easter)
My Mommy and Daddy,
(Easter afternoon)
 Paul and Nicole
 (and puppy, Maddie, makes 3!)
Anna and the Easter Bunny (Nina)
Jon and Gabe
                                                Cathy and Theresa
Michelle and Dominic
                                              William and Anna
Jon and William

Everyone's so tickled to be together!

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GrandmaK said...

What a wonderful Easter you had!!! God Bless!!! One of my favorite songs!!!! I'm singing along!!!! Cathy

Gardenia said...

Looks like you are already celebrating Poetry Month! love the song. such memories of childhood. Not sure if I've introduced myself before today, but I've been lurking for a little while. You have a wonderful family. Happy Easter. a new blog header too? I'll be back definitely to hear the song again. :)

Diana said...

It is so nice to see all of the family together, I will assume it was a beautiful day! Love Di ♥

Cheryle said...

After allllll these years... Lisa, I thought your Momma was a young aunt! Seriously! I would see her with you all and never thought she was your mom. I guess looking back it makes sense.
Please tell your mom I think she's awfully young looking!

Aubrey said...

Happy Easter! Great pictures!

Kim H. said...

Your pictures make my heart SMILE!!! Thank you for sharing God's awesome gifts of life!!!

Easter HUGS!!!