Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just a quick heads' up...

Tomorrow, August 14th, is National Creamsicle Day! (And anyone who knows me knows I love Creamsicles. Yum!) BUT, the horrible irony is that tomorrow is also the vigil of the great feast of the Assumption -- a day of fast and abstinence.

But, we all still have time tonight to run out to the grocery store for a box of orange creamy goodness to munch on to our hearts' delight -- until midnight. Or to have for dessert after tomorrow's main meal.
Or you can do like Jon and I did today to celebrate his passing his driving test -- toodle over to Arby's and get an orange cream shake.
They are simply to. die. for.
Worth the pain and suffering of having another child (our third now) in ownership of a driver's license. Maybe worth it.
Maybe not.
Not that Jon's not a good driver. He really is awesome. But, gee whiz... He was just a little boy a minute ago. And this license to drive an automobile is a whole different thing than getting him a tryke for Christmas and watching him pedal around outside the kitchen window...

They grow up so fast. Good thing heaven is just as aware -- or more aware! -- than we are. I made up this little rhyme (based on the traditional traveler's prayers) to garner some extra help for my drivers.( He did say to ask, right?)
Prayer For a Child With A Drivers' License.

Guardian Angel, always dear,
fly beside him, far and near;

St. Christopher, all paths you know --
guide his feet wherever they go;

St. Raphael, on you I rely --
keep my child safe from the other guy;

Our Lady of the Highways, Queen of all things,
I release to you my apron strings.

* And if anyone out there sees this good looking, brown-eyed young man driving around looking very confident and grown up... Look out for him for me, will ya?
<-- He looks like this.
** CORRECTION: My error; please forgive me! Apparently the vigil of the Assumption is not a fast day. I got tipped to the idea from someone on the web who made the same assumption (no pun intended) that I did. Seems like it would be a feast that would have a fast and abstain vigil, but I guess it isn't. Go figure. We'll be abstaining anyway, since it's Friday. But don't need to skip the snacks (though I should do that anyway...).
If I'd only bought a box of Creamsicles...


Laura's Husband said...

Love creamsicles. nephew, Mike, was talking to his mom today about his learners.
Wasn't I just teaching him to read?

Diana said...

Ahww Lisa he looks ao cute and sweet. My last one will be getting hers in a year and a half. Time does fly. You must always say "be careful,drive safely" when he leaves. I know this sounds silly but I still say it to all my kids and husband who is a truck driver. It's my own personal superstition.
I am always afraid that if I don't say it something will go wrong. Is that not silly!
Oh and I absolutly love Creamsicles but we always called them dreamsicles! They are one of my absolute favorites! Have you ever tried rootbeer float ice cream bars? Just like creamsicles only rootbeer flavor on the outside! They are fabulous!!!
Love Di

Purplebears said...

Wow, I'm glad I ate a Creamsicle last night.

My children are still very young, but I need to do a lot of praying before my children get behind the wheel.

Blessings each day said...

Here's another dreamsicle/creamsicle lover...aren't they just the ymmiest. didn't know about the Arby's thing..hmmm...not sure where there is an Arby's in our little town, but maybe near the B-K.

I will be taking off for a funeral Mass in just a little bit, among the bazillion things that all happen when a trip to Columbus, GA is tomorrow!

Your son is adorable...such a cute grin. No superstition involved for me, but I always say be careful as a loved ones leaves the house.

Love your poem prayer...a perfect Wordful Wednesday poem!

blessings and hugs,


Blessings each day said...

p.s. please add, subtract, multiply and divide letters as necessary in my comments...when will I slow down and make some sense?