Friday, July 11, 2008

Elfin Coincidence

Waiting to be seen in our Chiropractor's office yesterday, each of us with a book in our hand: Dominic ~ one of the Star Wars series, Michelle ~ a Mary Roberts Reinhart, me ~ the Chesterton Omnibus. I read this line from GKC out loud to the children: "In short, there is in life an element of elfin coincidence which people reckoning on the prosaic may perpetually miss. As it has been well expressed in the paradox of Poe, wisdom should reckon on the unforeseen."

Less than ten minutes later, Jon called from home to tell me that the refrigerator had stopped working.




Soutenus said...

From, The Blue Cross ---yes?
Bummer about the frig . . . . as if to punctuate the point!
Blessings from Texas to you guys!

Lisa said...

Yep! The Blue Cross. &:o)) Huzzah, Peggy! You know your Chesterton!

Yes, it was quite the "coincidence" my having read that line to them right before we got the news! &:o) Thanks, Peggy, for the blessing wishes! Blessings to you all, too! Hope you have a great weekend.