Thursday, October 8, 2020

An October Prayer

Mother, at thy feet is kneeling

One who  loves thee -- it's thy child

Who has sighed so oft to see thee;

Bless me, Mother, mother mild.

And when storms are raging 'round me,

And when tempests hover near,

In thine own sweet arms enfold me,

Shield me, Mother, Mother dear.

Mother when my Savior calls me, 

From this world of sin and strife,

Clasp me upon thy spotless bosom,

Let me bid farewell to life.

Plead for me when Jesus judges,

Answer for me when He asks

How I've spent so many moments,

How performed so many tasks.

Tell Him I was weak and feeble,

Yes, that I so often strayed

From the thorny path of virtue

To the one with roses laid.

Yet, O Mother, tell my Jesus

That I loved Him, fond and true

And, O Mother, dearest Mother,

Tell Him I belong to You

Then He'll place me,

(yes, I feel it)

Close to thee, O Mother, dear,

Then I'll praise and bless

and thank thee

Through eternity's long years.


- AnaStPaul

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