Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What Most People Didn't Do On Holy Saturday

We had a small window of time for this project while the big brothers were in town, and the days were so filled with ceremonies and traditions on Thursday and Friday (when the boys first got to Iowa), that Saturday was the only day to get it done --  we really needed the extra muscle for this!  The following pictures show better than I can tell:
(See our daffodils?  :)  Love 'em!)

"Use your knees and not your back!"
"Heave Ho!"


Drizzly, chilly day...  and the roof was slippery!  :/  Thus the bare feet, for traction. (But I was more worried about Dan right about here...)

 I started to breathe again at this point.

And here you have it: Gabriel is a very happy young man!  This shelving unit is his baby, you see: Mr. Organization's Dream Shelves.  How can a parent not move mountains for a kid who wants to be more organized!

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