Sunday, September 27, 2015

Most Important Milestones

After our first two children, I fell down on the job of keeping up with baby books. I think I may have gotten as far as Kevvy's first tooth and that was about it. I know, it's awful, isn't it?  But I admit it:  I was too busy living life to record it -- especially those first hectic years, with so many children, and me the only one around most of the time who could pour milk without spilling it. But still, the milestones, big and little, are important and I've always kept track of them in the composition book of my heart (and here on this blog sometimes with the last few kids!): the first lost tooth; the first day of school; the first book read solo; the  first ride on a two-wheeler; the first trip away from us to Grandma and Grandpa's house...  All markers on the road away from childhood, away from home, away from me. (sniff.)

 But, don't get me wrong! I'm not a weepy kind of mom, really; I don't mark the children's growth milestones in a melancholy, poor-ole-lonesome-me way. (Well, most of the time I don't, anyway...)  Because, honestly. It's my job to teach my children to be independent of me. It's the goal of motherhood.  I miss them like the very dickens when they grow up and move away, but I know I've succeeded when my boys and girls are men and women and can live on their own, do their own laundry, pour their own cereal, pay their own bills, fix their own cars when they break down, call in to work for themselves when they're sick... Eventually find a place for themselves in the big wide world of adulthood. All the big adult milestones; you know.

But there's another set of milestones that are markers setting out in a different direction, and the beauty of these is that they don't become lost in the distance to Mom and Dad left behind. These are the milestones of our Faith, the Sacraments, and special days such as these we just passed here at our house these last couple of weeks.  

The last two Saturdays, our last two boys have joined their Dad, their four big brothers, and most of their friends assisting at the altar. Gabriel and William, the last two altar boys of the Davises, were initiated into the special "brotherhood" of acolytes.  Gabe was thrown straight into the deep end last Saturday, the feast of St. Januarius and Companions, serving 1st acolyte with the Bishop!  
He did great, I'm told. I'm afraid I missed it, as I had to be in Denver last weekend,
but he was ably helped along by our good friend, seminarian, Stephen Sandquist,
serving 2nd acolyte. Here is the wonderful picture Theresa took, just at Consecration.

And here the servers are at the credence table. As 1st acolyte, Gabe was in charge of
the bells!  A big deal for a little guy!  9/19/15

 Then, this past Saturday, the feast of St. Isaac Jogues and Companions, William served for the first time, second acolyte for our old family friend (adopted Davis), Fr. Carlos Borja who offered Mass.
I got to be there for this Mass!  William served with his brother, Frater Philip!
He did a great job. Like, Gabe, just a few small slip ups, common to most
beginners,but nothing big. We were all very proud.
 (My camera was acting up, though, thus the weird lighting..) 

Here's William just prior to the Gospel.  Such a very big book for such a little guy
to be moving.  We were all holding our breath!  But, he didn't drop it, didn't even stumble.
Deo Gratias!

These are the days God bookmarks. Two big days -- for Gabe and William, and for Dan and me. These are the milestones we get graded for! These are also the ones I need to pack kleenex for. Not because they take our children farther away from us, but because they bring them close -- close to us as we take the same path toward God.

As long as we're all going in that direction, we'll never be far apart.

Omnia bona sunt!

Frater Philip and William.  Fifteen years between them, one step away from God, Himself, upon
the altar as they serve together for the first time. 9/26/15

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