Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I don't know about everywhere else...

but it's summer here!

We're still getting used to the reality of the climate here in the Nevada desert.  Coming from Colorado, we've marveled at the strange Twilight Zone of spring-ish weather ever since we got here last November.  It's been too chilly to get in the pool, but never cold enough to wear anything more than a light sweater.  And here we are in Easter week, a time when we're accustomed to enjoying the gorgeous blooms of crabapple trees, the cheerful blossoms of daffodils, and the long-awaited shedding of our winter coats and boots -- but here in Vegas, roses have been blooming for a couple of months, we haven't seen a single daffodil actually growing anywhere, and we're rejoicing over the pool being comfortable enough to go in for a swim. 

I say it again:  weird.  But nobody's complaining.

We most definitely don't want to stay in this place for long, but there are some silver linings to living here!

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