Thursday, June 6, 2013

Us, Now

In the last few weeks, we've had the opportunity to meet up with most of my extended family.  Our good friend Claire, it happens, married our good friend Eric (Kevvy's BFF) and everyone in the world had to be there.  It was awesome.  Epic.  Even my baby brother, David showed up -- and I haven't seen his face since Paul got married -- how many years ago was that, Dave?  

Anyway.  Here are a few pictures taken during a couple of very hectic weeks at the end of May. 

 This is us.

Almost our *whole* family (my side): My parents, my brothers Steve, Daniel, and Dave (Greg's missing); my sisters Donna and Linda, my nieces and nephew Paula, Wendy and Marc (Steve's kids), and Wendy's beau, Wes; and all ten of mine, plus Paul's wife Nicole and Grandbaby Gavin

Smile, children! Stop eating. Smile for the camera!
Aw, Mom!  Really?

 Ice cream from Coldstone or Jamba Juce smoothies (conveniently across the street from each other). L-R: My baby brother, Dave, William (7), Gabe (8), Anna (10- what you can see of her), Cathy (12), Theresa (14), Michelle (17 & 9/10s), Dominic (20), Br. Philip (21), Kevin(23).  Missing Paul, Nicole, and Gavin in this one, doggonit.

L-R, Top: Cathy, Paul,Theresa, Kevin, Dominic, Br. Philip, Gavin, Michelle
Bottom: William, Gabe, Anna


Ann Y said...

What a beautiful family! I think it's wonderful that they all cooperated for a family picture. Thanks for sharing.

AnchorMama said...

Everyone looks so beautiful!

Cathy Keller said...

Wonderful enjoyed reading it!! Off to the PROMISED LAND (CO) tomorrow for 10 days!!! Can hardly wait!!! Cathy