Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Week

The Theme for Monday
Sat around like Jabba the Hut, sans hooka, of course -- stuffing down Easter sweets, watching movies, reading novels, acting like slobs, and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

The Theme for Tuesday
Tired of the low-life, recivilizing ourselves with a Jane Austen Day!

Started the day with prep work:
* quick shopping trip for groceries
* put together scones, chicken salad, tomato basil sandwiches, deviled eggs
*  cleaned out the teapots, set out several different tea blends
*  washed the good white tablecloth
*  pulled out best "period" costumes we could find (tho', admidttedly they ended up being of several different periods)
* settled the boys back in the school room with an Abbot and Costello marathon
* queued up our beloved A&E version (Colin Firth, oh yes!) of Pride and Prejudice
*  just now dipping into the first disc -- 
*  looking forward to high tea between discs, roughly about 4 pm 

Ah! Lovely order and culture!

(Pictures later, hopefully -- IF I can get my computer to recognize my camera to download them!  Go figure.  Now that my camera is fixed, my computer has a grudge against it.)

1 comment:

auntie said...

Could I come and join your party? My favorite time period and favorite movie. I would even promise to stick my pinky out when I sip.