Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Eve Before St. Patrick's Day...

And all through the homestead
There's a green haze over everything,
Mornin' Mass 'til bed.

The kids have been peeling and baking and such. Nothing is missing the Irish touch:

The house is decked out in emerald and gold,
And a trail has been laid for a plot to unfold.

Should a leprechaun sense the Irish blood here
And pay a visit on St. Paddy's Eve this year --
Looking for the pot o' gold, lost to his sight 
in the lackluster glow of the crescent moon light...

He may find, as he searches hither and yon
That his visit here is a bit prolonged...

Should he manage to fall into the O'Davis kids' plot...

To make it into Ripley's Believe it or Not.

If you look verrry carefully, you can see the rigging of the leprechaun trap: a stout rubber band (green, of course) is strung tightly between the front of the cage door and the the bottom right hand corner of the entry, and then, holding the door opened is a green piece of embroidery thread pulling from the back of the door and threaded in front of the pot (where you can just see it) to a paperclip hidden on the bottom of the cage, where it's attached to a very thin piece of thread.  If (when!) the leprechaun climbs up to check out the gold, or have a cup of tea or a sip of Guinness, he's bound to trip on either the rubber band or the thread.  Either one will cause the door to snap shut behind him!  We'll have to tweak with the light in the dining room tonight so there will be just enough for the little guy to see the gold, but not bright enough for him to see the threads we want him to trip over!  

Hopefully, we'll have an update and pictures of the little fella to share with you tomorrow!

* Gold good luck "dubloons" contributed by Gabe and William
* Bits and pieces of gold jewelry donated by Anna, Cathy, and Michelle
* Bits of real currency from all over the world ("because Leprechauns are world travelers") from Cathy
* Tiny tea set to whet the little guy's whistle belongs to Michelle
* The Guinness was Gabe's idea. 
* The Irish breakfast tea was from Mommy's stash
* And, no, William O'William is not drinking beer in the first photo...  It's cinnamon tea, really it is.

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