Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Check It Out: Women With Many Children Live Longer

"In a book on pregnancy science released last year, science writer Jena Pinctott outlined how fetal cells have been shown to penetrate a mother’s body, including stem cells that migrate to the mother’s injuries to spur healing, in a mechanism that strongly suggests a baby’s own cells repair and rejuvenate moms. The young cells are believed to stay with a mother for the rest of her life." * 

How do you like that?  I would never have guessed. I thought all these children were supposed to be the death of me -- and the environment and world peace and maybe even planetary alignment.

But I'm forty-eight years old today, and I was thrilled to come across this ear-perking information. Seriously.   I'm thinking that with eleven cell-repairing and rejuvenating contributors to my credit, I should surely have earned the healing powers of Wolverine and the lifespan of Crush the sea turtle.  I ought to be able to single-handedly save the universe, turn back the tide on global warming, and bring Ronald Reagan back from the grave...  Or, well -- Something Stupendous. 

Like -- holy cow!  How 'bout this for super powers?  Check out all these people who are here because of my birthday and God's goodness! Look at this dear and loving husband I somehow managed to snag!  Look at all these super neat people God has seen fit to bless us with -- amazing, productive, grace-filled, goofy souls who are swimming out into the world one-by-one as the years go by, bringing a bit of this middle-aged Mom's legacy (read that to mean: nagging and lecturing) with them.  It's amazing.  And it is world peace.  And saving the universe. And resurrecting the economy. Kinda-Sorta.  Or at least as close as this muddling, flawed, disorganized scatter-brain could ever have hoped to come. And maybe better real work toward improving the world than you hear about on the news.  If I do say so myself. (And all you moms out there can say so, too!)   The very idea is wondrously rejuvenating!

Turning forty-eight is not so bad. Getting here has been a walk on the beach. It really has.

 I've got sand in my shorts and seaweed in my sandals;  My nose is sunburned and I'm hoarse from calling children away from the riptide; my legs are tired from dragging through the sand and my eyes are permanently squinted -- but the views are great.  And I've loved the trip so far.  

Can't wait to see what's around the next bend.

First, you were like, whoa! And then we were like, WHOA! And then you were like, whoa.

*For more on the study, check out the article at LifeSiteNews, found here... 

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Kim@starryskyranch said...

"the universe will never be the same, we're glad you came, we're glad you came!"
To quote the song. ; ). Here's to 48 more!