Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Really Thinking Wednesday

Not that I don't love every hair on every sweet child's head in this house, but (bless their hearts) the enthusiasm is wearing me out around here. 

What I want to know is:

How is it that two little boys who have a house full of toys can each drum up so much vigor in his determination to possess the same matchbox car at the exact same moment?

Can we ever really and truly actually get all the blocks picked up and put in the block box?

And, why is there a ramp running down off the side of the laundry basket in my bedroom when matchbox cars aren't going to roll on the carpet in there anyway?

How many times will it take watching Tangled,  Ice Age III, and Despicable Me before folks around here can turn down the sound and say all the dialogue and sing all the songs themselves?

Why is it that summer music is played louder than winter music?

And doesn't it bother anyone besides me when someone is playing the piano when Pandora is on and everyone's talking all at the same time?

Will certain people ever realize that careening full speed on their bikes down the hill and around the corner of our gravel driveway is running us out of bandaids and Neosporin?

Why are there half a dozen different Nancy Drew books lying around the house?  Are the preteen girls each reading two at a time?  Is one girl reading six at a time?  Do they just not remember where they go when they're finished reading them?  Or do they just like the ambience of having them lying around indiscriminately?  Nancy's cute, girls, but I'm getting a little tired of her face every time I turn around.

When will a particularly persistent little man around here figure out that no matter how many times he asks for snack he's only getting something at 10 am and 3 pm?  And it's not going to be ice pops every time.

If I had a quarter for every flip flop I've picked up out of the middle of the floor so far this summer, how many venti mocha coconut frappuccinos could I buy?

Whatever will I do all day when summer's over and the kids are in school (even William this year!) and it's just me and Cathy left in a quiet, boring, old house?


auntie said...

You won't like it that is what you are going to do. You can only clean a clean house once. Love it while it is going on. My baby graduated this year and is enlisting in January. My daughter lives with us but she seems to have learned all those little lessons that I taught her. It is boring around here.
Hey, Lisa, did you get my message? I have something to send you but I need your address. Messege me on my blog

WhyMrs.K said...

Lisa, my email is