Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh, Good Grief!

(Can you believe this?)

Family Debate:  You remember Little Rascals ?  Buckwheat?  Boy or Girl? 
(Sorry-- deleted U-tube video of Buckwheat, for fear of its being a possible cause of a virus my blog has apparently picked up...)

Oh, and by the way, we got safely over the San Juans and back today with the cows.  No mishaps except that the truck konked out in Dolores (Colorado) on the way over, but Dan got it going again, and then, when we got there to pick up the three moomoos, only the mama cow (Phoebe) was still in her pen; the other two (calf Sir Loin, Jr, and heifer Ida Clare) had gotten out somehow and were making there way down the road, so we had to chase them down before we could load them.  And then we were twenty minutes late returning the horse trailer we rented for the trip (but, thank God in Heaven for kind and generous small town folks, the owner waited for us and we weren't charged for the delay -- and then they even tried to give us a broom that belonged to them.) It was a great day!   I'd give my eye-teeth if I could post some pictures of the new additions!  Hopefully soon, though!


Anne said...

Boy..Back in that day, the families did not always cut hair until the child was older...A pic of my Dad that we found is with him with longer shoulder length hair...

Mama to much! said...

total boy!

Soutenus said...

I take it you had a hard time convincing the kids that Buckwheat is a boy!! LOL
We should find some "olden day" footage of little boys in England wearing bloomers and the long blond locks!

Cheryle said...

Buckwheat was both. I have a very fond spot for the Our Gang crowd :) My daddy just loved them and we would watch hours of them lol
He even named my kids' dog Petey after the Our Gang's Petey.

Scotty Beckett and Wally Albright joined the gang at the start of Meins's tenure as director, as did Billie Thomas. Within a few months of joining the series, Thomas began playing the character of Stymie's sister "Buckwheat" (even though Thomas was a male). Buckwheat was first portrayed by Stymie's sister Carlena Beard for one short, and by Willie Mae Taylor in three others, before the part became Thomas's.

...Stymie left shortly after, and the Buckwheat character morphed subtly into a male

Natalie said...

Glad you guys made it over safely with your new cows! BTW I tagged you for meme. =)

MightyMom said...

Glad the moomoos are home. Read your last post didn't let me comment.

I gotta ask though. Whatcha gonna do with the steer? I'd be naming him Steak myself!