Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What We're Doing Wednesday

Look at 'em! T'ousands of 'em -- Comin' in from Valley Gloam by bus! 

Not really.  When we went and picked these apricots on Saturday, we were so enthusiastic about the heavily laden, beautiful old trees that we just couldn't stop ourselves.  We picked and picked and picked -- and picked some more.  It was great fun.  It was like a contest to see how many we could get...

 What was I thinking? 

We've already shared a box, though, with the folks at church and canned or froze about two-thirds of the rest.  But, yikees, these guys are so small, we spend half our time peeling and pitting them. The kids love the slime, but I'm getting a little tired of it.  But =sigh= we'll enjoy the jam come winter time; I can just imagine us shivering in closer to the woodstove, eating some toast and jam for breakfast, reminiscing about the hot July day we picked all those apricots...  They're sunshine in a jar now.

* Bozo button for anyone who knows where that first quote comes from... ;o)


karen said...

How Green Was My Valley?
A Quiet Man?

Lisa said...

You got it, Karen! The Quiet Man, right at the fight scene. :)

GrandmaK said...

Oh, Ron does love apricots, but you're right they are small! Wishing you and "unslimy"day! Cathy ;)