Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Mother's Quiz


Do my children say their morning and night prayers?

Are my children trained to be polite at all times?

Do I teach my children to be good losers at play?

Do I fail to recognize faults in my children because they are mine?

Are my children learning to be calm when things go wrong because I myself am a patient mother?

Are my children learning to be charitable and tolerant of the faults of others because I am charitable and tolerant?

Have I fulfilled my obligations of instructing my children regarding holy purity, or have I allowed them to shift for themselves, getting their ideas from other boys and girls, bad movies and pictures, ungodly literature?


Is Christ the center of my life and of all that is done in my home?

Is there a picture of Christ or His Mother in my living room and not just in the bedrooms?

Is there a holy water font in each bedroom of my home?

Do the members of my family pray grace before and after meals?

Do my children know the Angelus because we recite it before grace in our home at noon and in the evening?

Would Christ approve of the magazines and comic books I allow into my home?

Is my phone used to receive and spread noble thoughts?

H/T Esther, from Elena


GrandmaK said...

I had to replace the "do" with "did" but this is a wonderful test. I think I was successful. At least I hope I was! Cathy

Michelle said...

Lisa we must be kindred spirits or something! Thank you for your comment. I really like that idea of offering my flowers to the Blessed Mother. That is crazy that we would share the same anniversary. What month were you born in? It is funny, because I found your site from a Catholic bloggers website, and found you by chance. I have been thinking a lot about what you wrote about big families. It all really makes a lot of sense. Thank you for our new friendship.

Kim H. said...

Um, I need to print that off and put it on my refridge -- you know, for the "gentle" reminders. :)

Thanks for sharing that Lisa. You are a gem!

Bia said...

Uhm, we could work on the Angelus and the holy water . . .

I'm with Kim, thanks for the gentle reminder.

Suzy said...

Gosh Lisa I need to print this out, it's so good!

What a great and simple way to stay focused on what really matters in our families.

Wonderful post!